Posted on: May 22, 2012 1:36 am

Crystal Ball--MLB 2012

This season so far is, well.... strange! Who would of thought that Albert Pujols' switch to the American league would take such a toll on his extremely good batting skills. But i have always said that each league has totally different pitching. It seems that American league pitchers seem to keep most pitches lower than their National league counterparts. The season is still young, but trouble seems to be plaguing the 32 year old slugger. The ball reads that this will be Da Machines worst season of his career trying to learn AL pitchers. Tim Lincecum seems to have lost his velocity on his most unhittable pitch, his fastball. Although he still strikes out alot of batters it seems like he tires quickly and he leaves way to many not-so-fast fastballs over the plate. I smell tommy johns. But im writing this post as always to get a good discussion going about some fantasy baseball ( always). PITCHERS.... my favorite position. Is Brandon Beachy a top 5 MLB pitcher? I think so. He has excellent command and changes speeds very well. If i could get him for cheap, which at this point i will not, i would love it. As a matter of fact i recently tried trading Tim Lincecum for him. Its a bold trade especially if Timbo turns everything around but i really  think something is bothering him. Edwin Encarnarcion, i actually was lucky to be able to grab him off waivers but i think he is a must have, must start player. With him being eligible for 1st and 3rd base which is a plus. Can David Wright and Carlos Beltran stay healthy? I dont know but if they can while staying red hot, they were awesome third and fourth round pick-ups. Heck, i got Beltran in the early sixth round. Mike Trout, Yoenis Cespedes, and Bryce Harper. These rookies were all hype at the beginning of the season and probably the most hyped players in recent years. The ball says to pick each and everyone of these ballplayers. Maybe the hype was right, and so far they have  hit the nail on the head. All of them have good speed and power, and to top it all each one is good defenders. Adam Jones. Need i say more. If somehow you can pry him from your opponets cold fingers, the ball says this is the AL MVP this season. He is the Ryan Braun/Matt Kemp of the American league. With alot of injuries so far the waiver wire has been bustling. One of the better prospects was the Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz. A pleasant surprise especially at a weak position. A.J. Ellis and J.P.Arencipia(spelling?idk), two catchers that deserve a look especially at a weak position. James McDonald, each week he has produced near 20 points. In my book thats exactly what you need to win games. I have recently picked him up to replace an already injured Daniel Hudson and a recently injured Neftali Feliz. So far i fared well with him in the starting rotation,so far, so good. Well tahts it for now and im hoping some readers will add a few questions and observations on what players should be added, dropped, or forgotten altogether (Mark Reynolds).
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Posted on: February 24, 2012 11:15 am

To Keep or not to Keep?

I have been playing Fantasy sports for some time now and i want to extend my perimeters. I would either like to get into a keeper/ auction league, but i dont have a clue of how to do so. Also im not to sure what Roto leagues are? As i said im a hard-core owner and any advice would be nice. I would like to see what other owners would recommend. Is Roto H2H or does that just mean you play everyday? How do i go about (Keeping) a player? And i auction as bad as i heard? Thank you.
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Posted on: January 9, 2012 4:30 pm

The Crystal Ball

Saturday we witnessed two teams that are going to be the future of the NFL. Even though they got beaten the Bengals and Lions are a solid young team and im here to say it, the future. Then you have a young Tampa Bay team, even though they had a bad season, they will bounce back. Also a future elite quarterback in Carolina, an agressive 49ers team and a clicking Houston Texans team. Im thinking a couple of these teams will have a ring sooner than later. As my team, the Steelers, were eleminated from the playoffs via another young team lead by the man named, Tebow. Even though he beat my team i cannot find a way to dislike him,damn you Timmy. I know my team is getting older as do i see more and more elite teams falling victim of age. The Ravens, Cowboys,Colts,and even the Patriots are included. Im not saying they are not gonna be competetive, im saying that we are witnessing a change in the status quoe. And speaking of the Colts, i heard that Manning  could be available to go to the Cardinals. Im not a fan, but it dosent take a rocket scientist to see that Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks ever. How does a team go from superbowl contenders to the worst team in football. He is the Colts.  And trading him to build a team around an unproven rookie is absurd. What does everyone else think about the future?
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Posted on: December 28, 2011 1:51 pm

To make a sport BETTER

It seems that every time a player gets a huge chunk of contract, they tend to abuse it by not playing very hard as to save their bodies for a super long career. And now they are fighting the owners for more money and rightfully so. But i have a suggestion that could stop the whining and lack of competetive spirit. Many have thought about it and it should be as follows.Every player is paid a league maximum of say 600,000, or less for non starters garunteed. Then all pay is performance based. If they make the playoffs then the whole team gets a good chunk of cash as would they if they won the superbowl and or championship. Now the owners would be making a killing. So install a tax penalty to where the team could fund itself plus make money but the tax would be spread through the community or nation (which would help the recession that we find ourselves in). It could be something of that nature. Everyone would say that they wont play for that kind of pay,well i beg to differ. How many seniors in college just played their last game this year? They would play their hearts out to just play in the NFL/NBA/MLB, because its the sport they grew to love and a bonus to get paid for doing just that. It would stop a player from making 30 million a year that had a mediocre season. It would get it back to REAL sport action. Imagine the ALL-Pro/ALL-Star game if it meant that you win an extra million dollars or so. They wouldnt go there for the show and albeit they wont opt out of the honorable game that they have got choosen for. Thats an honor to get voted in. But all in all it would bring back the real meaning of sports because if you got in for the money in the first place then become a banker. And if the flashy players dont like it well theres the door.
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Posted on: December 28, 2011 1:28 pm

A few good Men or Women

I already blogged about fantasy quitters. And for the most part every owner hates when that tends to happen. I find myself in that situation over and over again. I usually play just baseball and football, but this year i swayed away from the norm to try my hand at basketball (although i havent watched since mid-90s because it became a flashy non-competetive sport). But with that being said, Im looking for a few good owners that play all three major sports so that i can get some more competetion. Maybe in a private league or something. So if you find yourself lacking one or two good owners, please get ahold of me. Im a non-quitter,willing to trade and involved in league chat lol (like putting an add in the dating part of the paper). Or if your looking for a league to jump into, we might be able to find others to go along. I hope to find a decent league to jump into.
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Posted on: December 27, 2011 11:54 am

Who was the biggest waiver pickup 2011

All good things come to an end as did 2011 Fantasy Football season. This year was crazy especially when everyone had to rely on the waiver wire. With all the injuries and up and down play by some of the NFL elite, who was the biggest an best to shine in 2011?  The emergence of Wes Welker surprised everyone as did the terrible outings by Cris Johnson. The injuries to Peyton Manning and Jamal Charles killed the hopes of fantasy owners that wasted a first and second round pick. But with the waiver wire better than ever, everyone had a chance to replace the elite. Cam Newton and Victor Cruz were two of the best, but there were many more. Gronk and Graham showed us that TEs could win us games. Fred Jackson and Reggie Bush allowed us not to give up hope in the later rounds of the draft. All in all there were so many surprises in the NFL this season that its hard to pinpoint just one area. What does everyone else think? Who was the biggest surprise this season? Who was the best waiver pick-up? Who was your biggest star that you drafted in the later rounds? Who was your Fantasy Team MVP?
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Posted on: December 15, 2011 4:19 pm

Fantasy Quitters

In every league you can find a team in which the owner either quit or forgot about. And it makes me sick to my stomach thinking that there is potential trades and waivers pickups sitting on a stagnant roster. I say there should be some way that if an owner is inactive for a period of time his/her team will be relinquished to another owner. I have ran into a few people that were wanting to play but were a little to late after the season began. For any reason you want to quit because your team was drafted incorrect or the players seem to be bust, i have the perfect example. There is a team in my league that started out at 2-5. It was a horrid team with starters in such as L.Tomilison,V.Shaincoe, R.Bush( just became revelant recently) and, D.McNabb. These were drafted players. With a little nifty waiver wire pickups that team has won the last 7 games and came from behind to overtake the wildcard in the playoffs. The whole team was aquired in the waiver market except for MJD and Fitzgerald. He now is favored by 10 over me in the playoffs (i have A.Peterson and R.Rice). So this goes to show you if your team isnt to your liking, DO NOT give up. And if you do then you shouldnt of been playing anyways. Opinions? 
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